Specializing in FrameMaker Automation

FrameMaker, FrameScript, and Acrobat Services

Carmen Publishing Inc. specializes in FrameMaker automation with FrameScript scripts. Carmen Publishing Inc. provides the following services:

  • FrameScript scripts for Windows and Macintosh FrameMaker.
  • Custom FrameMaker plugins.
  • Conversions from other file formats to FrameMaker
  • Conversions from unstructured to structured FrameMaker
  • Database and XML import into FrameMaker
  • Adobe Acrobat Forms programming with JavaScript

Important Announcement Regarding My FrameScript Book

My 2003 book "FrameScript: A Crash Course" is out of print and won't be re-released. For a limited time, I am making a PDF of the book available for purchase. The book was written for FrameScript 2, but the topics are still relevant to the current version of FrameScript. The cost is $25 US.

There are two ways to order the book:

  • Via fax to 585-219-8959. This is a direct fax to my private office, so a cover sheet is not necessary. Please include your name, address, email address, and credit card information. I need the credit card type, number, expiration date, and security code. NOTE THAT ALL CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WILL BE DESTROYED AS SOON AS THE TRANSACTION IS COMPLETE.
  • Via PayPal by paying $25 to frameexpert@truevine.net.

The book will be sent to you via email. The PDF is about 2 MB, so make sure you can receive email attachments this size.

As a bonus, I will send you a previously unreleased chapter on using regular expressions with FrameScript.

Contact Carmen Publishing Inc.

You can contact me by email at rick@frameexpert.com. You can also contact me via phone, fax, or mail at

Carmen Publishing Inc.
211 Moul Road
Hilton, NY 14468 USA
585-219-8959 Fax / Voice Mail

A special thanks to Brad Anderson of BeyondPrint for hosting this web site.

A Crash Course

"The book is outstanding! Dollar for dollar, the best money I've ever spent learning a new tool." - Tim Trese, Harris Corporation.

This book is a FrameScript training course, combining clear explanations with tutorials and over 500 code samples. It includes a CD of code listings. [more]

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